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The quality of the cars we will provide in 2018 will find in terms of the citizen's desire in terms of price, quality and specifications

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The policy of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques has opened up great horizons for the ambitious companies to participate in this great urban development

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BOTS Projects

01-11-2010 AM 08:17

The company is a company that works with a well thought out and systematic strategy. The company seeks to integrate in its business lines to be an integrated system of sectors that support each other to enable the company to execute its projects with precision and ability. Since the establishment of the company by Sheikh Saad Al-Rasam 35 years ago, Is expanding in many fields and is one of the few Saudi companies to expand on this fine model. We had a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of Paint Company Ltd. Mr. Saif Bin Saad, the painter and member of the Transport Committee at the Chambers of Commerce in Riyadh. The following dialogue was held: * Tell us about the company's beginnings? - The company started its activities in the field of auto spare parts and land transportation and it was at the hands of the father for more than 35 years. [Asharq Al-Awsat] When did the company start looking for investments other than spare parts? - The year 2000 is a real start and expansion of business as the company started to seek commercial agencies, whether in the field of cars or equipment or other and because of the company has a great experience in the Saudi market, we had a great advantage of the international companies to be their exclusive agents. * When did the company start the road works? - The company started in the road works with the municipalities in 2007 and helped us in that the company owns the agencies of heavy equipment in addition to what we have of the crushers and mixers of cement and asphalt mixers and factories for the Balkk and all necessary road construction works and then we have the strength to enter the road projects of the Ministry Transport and safety and thank God we were able to implement many of the roads with all efficiency and ability, thanks to God first and then we have the integration of equipment and specialized administrative and technical skills and we have implemented those projects and delivered before the date and now the company is able and thank God to enter into Extend large roads efficiently. * By virtue of your specialization in road projects How do you see the size of the projects offered? - State saved by God to take the subject of roads and transport linking the cities and villages and abandonment of the importance of the important and there are 42000 km / will be implemented in 2011, including what is double and what is individual, including what is agricultural (as announced). [Asharq Al-Awsat] Do you think that existing companies are capable of implementing these methods on time or do we need foreign companies? - Companies that work in the field of contracting many and we do not need foreign companies We need the support of the Ministry of Labor to develop their systems to suit the interests of companies and the interests of the State, and Saudi companies able to implement these methods and know and tell foreign companies the circumstances of the Kingdom. * How do you evaluate the experience of foreign companies that entered as foreign investment? - Foreign investment should provide added value to the country through the polarization of new technology or new theory or knowledge, but what is happening now is not at all to all what it mentioned, but it gave a legitimate legitimacy to concealment, which prevailed before the establishment of the Investment Authority. [Asharq Al-Awsat] The company owns many agencies for many Chinese companies. Do not you think this is an adventure in the notorious reputation of Chinese products? - It is not an adventure because the Chinese companies are ancient and they have the knowledge, knowledge and experience that surpasses the European, American, Japanese, Korean and other companies. Some of them are over 70 years old. They have a great history in the manufacture of giant equipment and mechanisms for some oil installations, mines and quarries. With these products we offer higher guarantees than all other brands in Saudi Arabia, but what is rumored about the bad quality of Chinese products is due to some importers who seek the price at the expense of quality. In China, there are many factories that manufacture what you want within the amount you specify. But there is a large and large companies and factories that never accept to change the specifications of their products at all unless it is within the allowed and without prejudice to quality and we have suffered a lot with them to convince them to modify some specifications of equipment to suit the hot conditions in Saudi Arabia and came to Saudi Arabia and brought with them heavy equipment And tried and convinced that the specifications in which the equipment operates in Saudi Arabia must be different from the specifications of the equipment operating in China or Europe cold weather and after many experiments and research have developed some specifications that fit the hot weather and now and There are many government sectors and large companies using our heavy equipment and trucks with all efficiency and we have no problems with quality and among the contracting companies that use our equipment and trucks bin Laden and Saudi Oger and many others. - Chambers of commerce play an important role to raise what is happening on the ground to officials in the state and often have done studies and submitted to the officials in the State and took these studies or recommendations seriously and many of the laws and regulations have been modified because of studies provided by chambers of commerce. * By virtue of your experience in government tenders, do you think that the mechanism of work at the lowest price is still useful after what happened in Jeddah and Riyadh from the rain?- Tender system and price is the least good system and needs to develop and within the development required to keep pace with the times is to ensure that the contractor materially and the efficiency of the contractor in terms of technical and scientific cadres and facilities and equipment and equipment owned by the contractor and what is happening now that everyone has a small institution and office can enter into This has greatly affected the quality and accuracy of the implementation. There are dozens of projects that are idle because of the contractor's inefficiency or the contractor's disagreement with the subcontractors. The large and qualified companies are well run and the specifications of the project are explained Waseel project by each contractor put the price of what suits him here different prices as the large organization companies which operate systematically in terms of employment and administrative expenses are greater than the individual institutions that operate in an unregulated and most of their labor loose. Comes * You have entered the manufacturing industry and experience through your factory specialized in the manufacture of fire engines and rescue, how do you see the support of the state to the industrial sector in the Kingdom? - State saved by God is still doing everything in its power to support the national industry and we look at how the industrial structure 30 years ago and how it became now and how will be after 30 years in the light of the industrial cities that are currently underway; As for our experience with the manufacture of fire engines and rescue vehicles We are considered to be one of the most distinguished factories in the world, and we have been able to compete with foreign industry and overcome it by virtue of our experience in the Kingdom's geographical and climatic conditions, and we have received many words of praise and appreciation from the officials in the country, including His Royal Highness Prince Naif bin Abda Aziz, Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz and Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz. We at the factory equip fire engines and rescue vehicles with the highest international standard specifications in addition to some other metal products such as trailers of all kinds, for transporting water or transporting vehicles. * Who are your most prominent customers and is the factory capable of covering demand? - The most prominent and most important customer is the Directorate General of Civil Defense and we have equipped them a lot of fire engines and rescue vehicles and others and the factory is able to the possibilities available to him to cover all the needs of the government sectors. What are the main obstacles facing you in this industry? - We have a reservation on many of the tenders that are put forward and we hope that executives in some government sectors will implement the recommendation of the Council of Ministers regarding the preference of the national product on the importer and give it priority, especially if the specifications of the national product is equal and sometimes better than the foreign product. * You are one of the first companies to enter into partnership projects with the government in the form of "BOT" in the project called "the withdrawal of cars in violation of traffic regulations or accidents" * Want more clarification about the project? - This project is one of the important projects that would restructure and arrange car reservation sites in all regions of the Kingdom. * Are there facilities for this project? - Yes, when the project was awarded to us, we are obliged to implement the terms of the contract, which provides for the construction of infrastructure and the provision of transport vehicles (pallets) cranes and cranes for more than 95 sites in the Kingdom and we have already begun to build some of our owned sites have been purchased more than 1000 cars We have purchased more than 800 employees and drivers as a first stage. We have purchased and installed a modern electronic system and equipped an electronic network to make the system effective and interconnected in all regions of the Kingdom. Hundreds of employees were employed in the project in all fields and disciplines that serve. This Project in order to fulfill our commitments accurately and practically. * Have you been delivered to specific sites? - We were given specific locations and we developed the reservation of Wadi Laban in Riyadh and received it under an official letter of passage and we managed it in full and it had more than 5000 cars and managed it for one full year and provided an integrated staff and provide a maintenance team to be a model for the rest of the sites Cars, delivery and other administrative matters. What did you do about the rest of the sites? - Due to our disagreement on some things with the responsible party did not receive the rest of the sites and the completion of the period of implementation and the cancellation and withdrawal of the project from us. * What is your reaction to the letter of cancellation? - The withdrawal of the project has caused us great losses in addition to the damage done to the 150 Saudi employees who were demobilized due to the withdrawal of the project. The number of Saudi employees was supposed to reach about 2,300 if the project is completed. The project was organized to the extent that during our administration to reserve the Valley of Lebanon we encountered that some of the owners of cars were surprised to have their cars booked after losing two years ago and more, all because of the electronic system that was installed and was cataloged and arrange all the cars in custody * Last word you would like to say? - The BTO system, which the state has started to implement in some facilities, is a global system applied in most developed countries. It is assumed that when a project is proposed in this way, no projects or laws or regulations that are contrary to the project will cause losses to the investor. And we need executive departments in government utilities to understand this system and know that it is in the interest of the state and society. It does not cost the state treasury any money, creates new employment opportunities for the Saudis, develops the service and improves its performance. Hope executives consider us as investors and contractors not because there is a big difference between the two