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About The Company:
Established in 1975, it is owned by Sheikh / Saad Moneef Al-Rassam as Chairman of the Board of Directors and member of his sons who supervise the company's various activities, including cars, trucks and bicycles. In addition to its exhibitions in all parts of the Kingdom, the company offers excellent after sale services from maintenance and spare parts, which made it comparable to the largest companies operating in the same field, with its uniqueness in leading the Saudi market for Chinese products specially since it was one of the former Saudi companies in importing these products
CEO's speech
In the name of of Allah the Merciful
Peace and blessings be upon the noble prophets and messengers of our master Muhammad and his family and companions Peace mercy and blessings of God
Since its establishment in 1975, the Group has been able to take a prominent position in the Saudi market
The strategy of expansion has made it a policy, starting with auto spare parts and this was the first step
Today, the group includes a number of sectors including commercial, industrial, This success was thanks to God Almighty and then proper planning and implementation and the recruitment of high talent and investment resources in an effective manner. The Group is proud to offer its services to the public and private sectors as well as to all segments of the society at a high level of quality, and in this respect we have committed to the policy of continuous development and growth through the application of the best standards and regulations in place locally and globally. The group is keen on developing Saudi human resources, supporting the work of Saudi women and providing them with the right environment for work. The women section of the Information Center was inaugurated in early 2014. In conclusion, it is necessary to realize that perfection does not have a destination that ends up, but is an endless journey in the process of continuous development we seek to achieve
Chief Executive Officer Saif Bin Saad
من أهم إنجازاتنا
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